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About Us

About Us

Take your best step forward- They kept that in mind as they travelled the world for years looking to do just that. With an eye for smart style, traditional dance shoes were just not cutting it.
Rather than suffer with the conventional and drab, they knew they needed to provide cutting-edge fashion and modern shapes and colors. They knew they needed to offer gorgeous shoes that would hug the feet with solid shanks and flexible cushioned soles made with weightless material - important factors that allowed them to dance, teach or just stand comfortably around for hours. Key words: Comfort and Style.

As the directors and choreographers of the professional dance troupe and dance studios in Toronto, Canada – The Baila Boogaloo Dance Company, they KNOW shoes. They are not just part of the uniform; they are a part of who they are — an extension of their movement.

After immersing themselves in the fashion hubs of New York, Paris, London, Milan and Toyko, Bella Dance Shoes was born, literally.  It was named after the first daughter of Darlene Wang De Martinez and Joaquin Martinez.

Take your best step, spin or jump in Bella Dance Shoes - beautiful shoes to dance through life.

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Bella Dance Shoes - beautiful shoes to dance through life

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