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Anatomy of the dance shoe

Anatomy of the dance shoe

Dance shoes  require a solid structure for durability and weightless material for true maneuverability. Soles are extremely flexible and  sueded for maximum grip. With extra padding and cushioning, dancers/teachers who spend hours on their feet can look and feel great.

Heels are an important factor when choosing a dance shoe- We are able to customize your heel preference. The flared options gives extra stability for jumping, lifts and general balance as the weight is distributed though a flared end. A regular or standard flared heel has the approximate thickness of a thumb.
For others, the new fashionable stiletto (shown) complements their personal and  fashionable style.

Adjustable ankle straps have 2 fasteners, one to quickly lift on and off for fast costume changes and the traditional buckle for adjustments. Dance shoes are available in closed toe, peep toes (fashionable and great for narrow feet) or  completely open toe options.
When choosing shoe styles/sizes, it’s best to read the shoe fit notes and see the sizing guides. (ie narrow etc.)

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