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Customizing your heel is a great way to ensure your personal comfort and style. We can customize your shoes for your need.

Our heels are offered in 3 styles, stiletto, slim flared and regular flared.

Heels heights start and the back of the shoe, where the heel and base meet.

A stiletto heel offers great style for those who are steady on their feet and love the height, adding personal style. This thin and tall heel is suggested for those who  dance, spin and walk easily  on the ball of their foot. Our stiletto is offered in 3.9” and 3.25”.

A slim flared heel offers more stability than the stiletto, while still maintaining the style of the shoe.

The  weight can be balanced through a wider base. Our slim flares are offered in 3”

A flared heel, and standard flared heel offers the wearer the most comfort combined with style. Our 2.75 and 3,25” standard flared heel is dancers choice for classes/practice. A regular or standard flared heel has the approximate thickness of a thumb. Flared is offered in 2”, 2.25”, 2.5” and thick fared 2.75” and 3.25”

Custom heel heights cost $20/pair, for groups of 4 or more free!


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